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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 vs 73% 73% 73% 73% 73% 73% Definition of Hunger: People stuck in or with poverty, malnutrition, and food insecurity. Hunger in India North America Hunger in India Hunger in North America Blue represents the 43% of children under 5 that are malnourished. -"Close to half of all Indian children aged fiveor younger remain underweight or stunted"("World Hunger") Red represents the 16 million kids out of 49million Americans who live in food insecurehomes. -"There are 16 counties in the U.S. with 100000+food-insecure kids." ("Why Hunger") -"Daily caloric intake of the poorest Indians hasactually fallen since 2009." ("World Hunger") double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. -"Millions of people are going hungry." ("WhyHunger") Causes of Hunger -Poverty- People who don't havea good paying job and can't get thenutritious food that they and they'refamily need. (North America and India) Solutions to Hunger -Medical Reasons- People with a disabilityor health problem can't get work or have ahard time getting government aid. (Most NorthAmerica) -Educational Level- People who have small amountsof education can't get high paying jobs nor get themoney for food. (Most North America) -Rapid Population Growth- With some many peoplein one area, the jobs are limited and don't have goodpay. (Some North America and mostly India.) -National Indicators- Women and men arediscriminated for different reasons in a differentculture, (India) -Nutritional Plan ("Actions Against Hunger")- We could create nutrition plans so that everyone can understand the healththey need. The government could pay for it andsome educated people could teach the people. -Connect to Kids ("No Kids Hunger")- We could connectto the kids through school programs and even feed themover the summer. The schools and government could paywhile the teachers help. -Spreading Awareness ("No Hungry Kids")- We couldspread awareness of hunger in the country . Thegovernment could tell and educated peoplecould help spread awareness.
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