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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 SARAH DESSEN Coming of Age and Romance for the Young Adult The Truth About Forever Macy Queen is sixteen,and is trying to find outwho she really is afterplaying it safe for solong. While working witha disastrous catering company, she finds loveand herself along the way.But will she regret it? Along for the Ride When Auden West moves to Colby to live her her dad andher step-mom, she meets aboy named Eli who had atraumatic past. Together,they learn to grow and loveagain. What Happened to Goodbye Mclean Sweet and her dad areconstantly moving from oneplace to another because of her dad's job. Every time theymoved, Mclean used differentnames and personalities to fit in. But when her and her dad finally settle down, sheuses her real name and shestarts real relationships. Butwill her past catch up to herand reveal who she truly is? Lock and Key When Ruby Cooper realizesthat her mom hasn't comehome for days, she tries tohide the fact that's she livingalone. When the landlordsfind out, she's forced to movein with her sister who shehasn't seen ever since sheleft for college. Feeling like aburden, she tries to escape.But when she finds friends who care for her and a loveinterest, will she stay? Dreamland After Caitlin O'Koren's sister left, she had tofill in the hole that wasin her family by being the perfect teenage girl her sister was. Feeling lonely, she metRogerson Biscoe andfell in love. But whenthey begin dating, hebecomes abusive. How will she escape thisdreamland? Just Listen Annabel Greene is anoutcast at school, afterher friendship with apopular and powerfulgirl ended abruptly. Trying to deal with hertroubles, she meets another outcast, a boynamed Owen Armstrong.He teaches her about thepower of music. And together, they strugglewith their troubles.
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