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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Where It All Started in the beginning of the civil war in 1861 emma was boarding in flint, Michigan. Emma decided that the best way to help would be to enlist under her name witch was franklin thomas (wink wink)and was gathered into the 2nd Michigan as a foot soldier,3 year recrute in 1861, march 25. Emma and her fellow soldiers did not fight in the Battle of First Manasses but they were useful in covering the union retreat from the battle field. But Emma stayed behind to help the wounded soldiers. She continued to work as a hospital attendent for the next few months. Sarah emma edmondson was born in new brunswick Canada in dec. 1841.Her father was a farmer and was hoping for a boyto help him with his crops. Her father disliked her and abused her. Emma Edmonds The Beginning To escape being abused in 1857 Sarah ran away to moncton and changed her name to emma edmonds. But all ways worried out of her mind that her father would find her she migrated to the U.S. Emma decided that to be undiscovered and to get a job she would disguise herself as a man and take the name Franklin Thomas and got a job in hartford connecticut as a traveling bible salesman Escape In March 1862 Emma was assigned the job of mail carrier.According to the website civil war trust they wrote " It was during this time that Edmonds was supposedly first asked to conduct espionage missions. Although there is no definitive proof that Edmonds ever acted as a spy, her memoirs detail several of her exploits behind enemy lines throughout the war, disguised variously as a male contraband and an Irish peddler." All Hail The Mail Carrier on May 5, 1862 at thebattle of Williamsburg the regiment was being shot at a lot in battle and needed help. At one point Emma needed to grab a musket and firing with her fellow soldiers. She also was a stretcher bearer and nursing the wounded for hours in and after the battle.Also in that year in the summer Emma continued to be a mail carrier.Being a mail carrier could be very dangerous because a mail carrier has to sometimes do long journeys over 100 miles long.A mail carrier also had to travel where bushwhackers live in . Battle Of Williamsburg In august 1862 another battle started up again the "second battle of Manasses". The second Michigan took part in this battle. Emma was a messenger in this battle. Sadly, Emma had to ride a mule because her horse died but she has kicked off the mule and fell into ditch as a result of this she broke her leg and suffered internal injuries that sadly would trouble her for the rest of her life Second Battle Of Manasses In the spring of 1863 Emma sadly was infected with Malaria and requested to furlough (a leave of absence) witch sadly was denied. Not desiring to seek medical attention from the army because she was afraid they would discover her secret, Emma left her fellow soldiers in mid- Apriland Franklin Thomas would never be heard from again. The Sickness After Emma recovered she wanted to help in the war so she worked as a nurse (no longer disguised) for the United States Christian Commission . Emma did this from June 1863 to the end of the war on April 9 1864. the final job in the war Important Dates to remember! Dec. 1841 when Emma was born 1857 when Emma ran away to escapefrom her father May 5,1862 the battle of Williamsburg 1861 when the civil war started and when she joined the civil war March 1862 when Emma got the job mail carrier August 1862 the second battle of mannasses Spring of 1863 Emma was infected with malaria 1867 Emma married Linus Seelye and had kids that same year June 1863 Emma worked as a nurse for the U.S Christian Commisoin Sep. 5, 1898 Emma died in La porte, Texas 1876 "Franklin Thomas" was cleared of desertion charges
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