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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Canada is a freedom place.Not many otheres get free dom. You see Canada isnt thebest place, but its safer then mostcountrys. canada gives us freedom because it maters what we think.To make a better place for us canidians. c Beavers are known for their tails and teeth help them survive . How? there teeth is likea chainsaw! Beavers chew down trees to make there dam, to sleep in, and get animals to stay away. Beavers are known that they live in a dam. They take a tree and curate a home inside so they can sleep in it. They also make a clog in the water from thedam. The dam keeps them safe from other living animals. there tale helps them push to swim in water. They push treesin the water to make a dam. Truly Canadian Animals Sites to See double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Beaver Canadian laws Canaidians freedom Facts about Canada - Canda is the secong biggest country.- Canidians waterloo mayor is david.-Canidians national sport is hockey.- Canada is a peacefull contry.- CN Tower This is a pic of a beaver cutting a tree - 35.16 people live in canada.- Canada is not field with people its very quit.- When there were slaves people would walk milles to canada. d a n a a 2015 Niagara Falls Facts about canada double click to change this header text! There are many places to see in Ontario.The second biggest tower is the CN Tower.They have elevators in the CN Tower has elevators that are 553m long. The CN Tower is in Toronto. Niagara falls is the big east water fall in Canada. Canada has one fall and Americahas 1 fall. Canadians waterfall is stronger thanAmerican.
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