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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Hagerstown, m765.465.3247 "THE CREATION OF ME" TENNESSEE Stay at home mom--Louisiana2002-2004 Organize public speaking engagements to interestedparties to educate andpromote health insuranceenrollment. 2002-completed BA inGeneral Studies atNorthwestern StateUniversity ofLouisiana OPTIMISM FOCUS ON FAMILY MAINTAINED COMPANY CHECKBOOK NEW CAREERPATHS ININDIANA DEVELOP SENSE OF SELF 6/2005-5/2006: PersonalAssistant to Broker. Designedwebsite, managed checkbook,helped increase sales by 40% MANAGED RENTAL COMPANY LEADERSHIP COLLEGEGRADUATE Born, attended school,went to college --East Central Indiana1980-2002 5/2006-1/2010: Property ManagerRan all aspects of residentialproperty management company.Supervised small staff, produced1099s, all AR/AP, repairs, etc. 11/2010-8/2012: Vendor Mgr./Customer Service Rep. Maintainedforeclosed properties. Recruitedand qualified over 200 vendorsin 13 state contractor network. Represented company at national trade shows. 9/2012-3/2013: Customer ServiceSupervisor for staffing company.Monitored, qualified, and staffedtalent for network of businesses. 3/2013-2/2014: Inside Sales Rep.Promoted, sold, enrolled groupsfor candle fundraising company. MERIDIAN HEALTH SERVICES2/2014-present 1980 - TODAY 10% VACANCY RATE MANAGED NATIONAL VENDOR NETWORK SALES EXPERIENCE HELPING OTHERS = HELPING ME MOVE TO MARKETING TRAINING AND EDUCATING PUBLIC SPEAKING SKILLS REAL ESTATECAREERTENNESSEE2004-2010 A SARA HALL TIMELINE Received state and federallicence to be a Navigatorfor the Affordable Care Act.Enroll, assist, educateconsumers about healthinsurance options. finding the right fit at home Develop, market, promoteoutreach plan for 3 countyarea. Create marketingmaterials, pamphlets, presentations to spreadmessage MANAGED200RENTALUNITS DEVELOPEDTWOWEBSITES VOLUNTEERIN SMALL TOWN:LIBRARY BOARD &COMMUNITYGARDEN TRAINING SPECIALIST MARKETING EXPERT SALES MASTER MOVE TEAM PLAYER TO INDIANA Check more info, endorsements, and linkto vanilla resume. LEADER, THINKER, DOER
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