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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TITLE The Santa Fe Trail 1825 1851 1914 Cabri Lorem Became a trail for big businesses to use. Ft. Union was established along this trail. The Mexican American War. Santa Fe Trail compared to the Maritime Fur Trade and the Cumberland Trail because the Santa Fe Trail produced money and was used for traveling while they other two only had one trait. The Mexican American War (big war on this trail) Compared to the Bushwhackers and Jay-whackers War, they were both wars but the Mexican American War was more important. Brent's Fort compared to Fort Snelling, they were both forts but one was for slavery and the other one wasn't made to capture slaves and didn't have anything to do with slavery. Events that happened on this trail or involved this trail were "Panic of 1819", Texas Declares Independence. War with Mexico (A.K.A Mexican American War) Famous or Important people involving this trail are William Becknell and Captain Don Pedro or Zebulon Pike. Extra InformationThis trail was originally only used by farmers but was converted to a good way to trade your goods. The trail today is a natural historic site with the other sites that happen along the trail such as Brent's Fort. 1822 The amount of money that the trail made was anywhere from 3k-15k with about 20 guards guarding it.1824 Trading was about 35k now with about 100 guards.1831 Now it was about 130k worth of goods.1843 Now about 250k worth of goods were using this trail.
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