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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 FLORIDA is EPIC! Florida attractions:Miami Beach because their beaches are beautiful and it as really nice weather. St. Augustine because you can take tours. Orlando( blue arrow ) Tampa (orange arrow) Fort Myers (green arrow) Fort Lauderdale (Red arrow) Miami (purple arrow) Florida Land Boom/Railways1.Left behind entirely new cities. 2.Economic propsity had the conditions for real estate bubble in Florida.Florida's symbolsFlorida's state fruit is The orange. It attracts people to Florida. Florida's state butterfly is the Zebra Long Wing. Florida's state beverage is Orange Juice.Florida's state pie is the Key Lime Pie.Florida's state animal is the Florida Panther. Florida's role in the the Space Program: They launched rockets into space. This was important because the U.S. needed it to win a war for technology. Ponce De Leon wanted to conquer Florida and is also the one who named Florida after flowers.Hernando De Soto wanted the gold and money from Florida. Florida's role in the civil war and reconstruction:They delivered food to the confederet troops. The Union destroyed the crops and the food so they had to reconstruct that. Effects from the Spanish American war: Many people died in this war. This was hard for Florida and they needed new troops. How spanish rule effected Florida: They weren't allowed to believe in certain things. Also, they were mean to the native americans. 12,000 years agoNative Americans occupy Florida. 1513De leon lands on east coast. 1818First Seminole war. 1824Talahase becomes capital. 1854Second seminole war. Pioneer life:they barley used sugar, they only used it for special dinners.their houses are small. they don't have electronics.
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