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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 multiple personality disorder aka: dissociative identity disorder what is it? multiple personality disorder is a severe condition where two or more identities are present in, and alternately control, an individual. symptoms - displaying 2 or more personality states- each personality could have its own history, behavior, physical characteristicsand name- frequently gaps are found in memoriesof each personality regarding their separate history- depression, anxiety, guilt-visual or auditory hallucinations who does it affect? generally those whosuffer from multiplepersonality disorderwhere previouslyvictims of severe abuse. treatments counseling counseling is the mostcommon form of treatment for multiplepersonality disorder.It is found to be widelyhelpful to those whohave the condition. medication the use of medicationfor this condition is not popular due to the acutevariety of medicationsavailable and their sideeffects. Medication shouldbe monitored closely if used. What if its not treated? If multiple personality disorder is not treatedthe individual has a muchhigher chance of suicideand substance abuse. facts! - those with multiplepersonalities can haveanywhere from 2 toover 100 identities- this condition is 9x more likely to occur infemales than males- generally those withthis condition sufferfrom at least one othermental disorder Sam Zike 3A
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