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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 5 Ways to Grow Sales WITH SOCIAL MEDIA Most businesses rely 5) Stay involved! 2) Be a thought leader 4) Differ content, and check your progress A thought leader is someone wholeads the discussion on the goings-on in your industry; the person with all the answers. It doesn't matterwhether these answers come fromyou or someone else, but you shouldbe up on current events to keep youraudience up on current events. Throw a few dollars into an ad campaign.Just a few to start. And if it's applicable,target your ads internationally. Socialhas some of the cheapest advertisingavailable, and if you use it right, themost effective advertising as well. Ads are powerful tools in social media.Make sure you're targeting your ads tothe correct audience. Do searches tofind out what they like, and targetthem based on your newfoundunderstanding. Make one tweak toyour ads at a time to test new changes.And most importantly, and powerfully,link your ads to a sign-up page, and useGoogle Analytics to track followthroughon those ads. It's important to keep the people in charge of thecompany involved. This is your brand's most personalpublic face, so take ownership, because if you do thiscorrectly, that's what your audience will be doing withyour company. Use the support of your marketingdepartment, but remember that authenticity is key!And take note, because this is the thing that mostbrands skip straight over. It could be your edge. Make sure to switch it up. Post videos, photos, plain text, etc.And use the analytics tools at your disposal to learn what youraudience likes, and when they like it posted. If you can, try tofind content that they find important. The right meme, whichfits the zeitgeist of the industry, can really galvanize anaudience into action. 1) Use it, and be consistent on a simple presence, but the key to socialis building a community and using thetools given to you. JAN Please contact PixelSpark Digital Marketing with any questions. 6) Bonus! Ads and ROI tracking 3) Use ads, target everyone The first thing you need to do it to start postingconsistently. You'll hear a lot of people talkingabout the amount you should post, but the mostimportant thing is that you're posting. Once perday for any service but LinkedIn is a good start.
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