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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Geopolitical Position Greece is bounded on the north by Albania, FYROM and Bulgaria, on the northeast by Turkey and Aigaío Sea, on the south by the eastern Mediterranean Sea and on the west by Iónio Sea. Greece is sub-divided in prefectures, every prefecture in provinces, and every province in municipalities and communities, which consist of the smaller government management division. Greece is divided in a total of thirteen (13) divisions:(a) Eastern Makedonía and Thráki (b) Central Makedonía (c) Western Makedonía (d) Iónian Islands (e) Ípeiros (f) Thessalía (g) Western Greece (h) Stereá Elláda (i) Attikí (j) Pelopónnisos (k) North Aigaíon (l) South Aigaíon (m) Kríti Administrative Divisions All about Sailing in Greece Sailing Areas Sailing in Greece is a chance for fun and relaxation, but only if you are following certain rules and have in mind a few important tips that will make your sailing vacation in Greece easier and definitely more enjoyable. Greece is divided in a total of nine (9) sailing-areas: (a) Saronic Gulf (b) Cyclades (c) Sporades (d) Iónian Islands (e) Dodecanese (f) North-East Aegean (g) Myrtoan Sea (h) Corinthian Gulf (i) Crete Oinoússes well is the deepest point of the Hellenic Ditch southwest of Pelopónnisos, with the biggest depth in the Mediterranean Sea. The deepest point is 5,121 m, 68 N M almost west of Ákras Taínaro of Pelopónnisos. Despite the irregular configuration of the Aigaíon Sea bottom its deepest point is 2,658 m and it is in between the island Kríti and the south part of Kykládes.
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