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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 During the Civil War, Florida helpedcontribute to the Confederacy's food supply,as they were the most fertilized state *Other includesurbanization, dams,mining, etc. Florida's Cash Earnings1. Tourism2. Selling Foods3. Florida Taxes4. Resorts5. Heat and Beaches Deforestation Drivers The Sunshine State SupportersHenry FlaglerHenry PlantHenry Ford 5 Top Cities In Florida:Tampa BayJacksonvilleOrlandoMiamiTallahasseeNew Port Richey Timeline of FL Ways That Our Constitution Protects The Rights Being Grateful For Constitutional Liberty Florida Has a Perfect Government We Maintain Our Public Orders 1. 2. 3. Spain held on Florida was tenous in the years after Americans independence and boundry disputes How Spanish Rule Affected Florida The Effects of the Spanish American War Florida is the closest state to Cuba. Cuba was asking America for help because of Spain's evilness. Spanish Explorers Juan Ponce De Leon gave Florida it's name and went on to become the first govenor of Puerto Rico. Panfilo do Narvaez was a veteran of the Spanish conquest of Cuba and Mexico. Florida's Involvement in the Civil War Florida was part of the Confederate States of America. Florida would contribute more good to Confederate. Calusa Tribe Timucua Tribe Florida Native Tribes Apalachee Tribe Civic Duties are important to Florida because, for example,if citizens don't clean up after themselves it could harm the eco-system Civic Duties Importance First Seminole War 1817-1818 U.S. obtained FL from Spain through treaty 1821 Second Seminole War 1835-1842 Florida was part of the Confederacy during the Civil War 1835-1865 Florida was a embarkation point during the Spanish American War 1898 For over 50 years, Florida has been the backbone of the U.S. Space Program Space Program Pioneer Life 1. Pioneers must know how to hunt for food. 2. Women Pioneer need to know how to make clothes. 3. Pioneers also need to know how to build houses for shelter. In the 1940's word began to spread across Florida that racial changes would occur soon. A Memorable Event in Florida's Involvement In The Civil Rights Movement 5 Ways That Florida Earns Money Florida is known for selling oranges People Visit Walt Disney World Northerners like to stop by at Florida and feel the heat We have Tourism in Florida Florida has Taxes The Effect of European On The Native American Tribes In 1492, European exploration and colonization of the Americas revolution; how the old New Worlds perceived themselves. The U.S. Government kept kicking the Seminolesout of almost every state. The Causes of The Seminole War Train Rides were the only transportation that people had. Florida's 1920s Land Boom Railways It was expensive to go on a train ride. Legislative Judical Executive Makes laws of Florida. Court System of Florida. The governor heads it. The Difference Between Local and State Government Each state has it's own constitution,but local cities do not. How Florida Earned in a Given Year Wages that could have been earned during the time attending class. The value of four years job.
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