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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Hispanically Speaking News (HS News) site, found at, is an independent online daily news site and virtual cultural center where we create and publish valuable, timely and culturally sensitive content all peppered with some spicy wit to keep you engaged, informed and connected. Our niche news site is here for you with relevant news about and for Hispanics. Sources - Incarceration & the Family (, Father Absense and the Welfare of Children (MacArthur Research Networks), America's Families and Living Arangements (U.S. Census Bureau) Safety for people Drowning Lots of people are drowningbecause in some cases, parentshave not shut the gate at pool backyards and also even in buckets when parents arewashing their car and forgot totake away the water in the buckets. If you are going to the beach,you should always watch your child, and even other kids because what normally happens is that they go on the beach too far and ended up drowning. Fun Facts 76% deaths of children are age 5.African-American kids between the ages 5-19 aremore 6 times more likely to drown than white children of the same age.Age is the important thing about drowning because many children drown at the age of 1-4.Its actually males that drown more than females. If people are going to swim,parents should watch out for themwhich could save a life of a child Its also unbelievable that children not only drown on pools and beachesbut also drown on bathtubs at home and also buckets
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