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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 SafavidEmpire The military eliteof Shi'a Islam As seen in the map below The Safavid Empire conquered it's way over most of Persia and advanced into parts of what is now Iraq.Major challenges in building this empire had to do with the many rivals surrounding the Shi'a Safavids, such as the Ottomans, Ozbegs and Turkic speaking peoples. The Safavid warriorswere known as redheads for the red headgearthat they wore. Key Leaders of Safavids Sail al-Din was a Sufi mysticwho later became the first Safavid and the one to name the empire. The picture on the top left isIsma'il. Known for taking thecity of Tabriz in 1501 and being named the first "shah" or emperor. Located on the bottom left is Abbas the Great, known forextending the domain to its greates extent and hissuccesses increating slave regiments ofcaptured Russians. Chaldiran The battle of Chaldiran, between the Safavids and Ottomans was an examples of the battle between Sunni and Shi'a Islam.Fought under the lead of Isma'il, the battle was lost.This battle caused the limitation of land the Safavidswere able to achieve in their futures, also allowing theOttoman's to come closer to being the significant power ofthe Islamic World. Within the Empire Safavid warrior nobles were assigned villages, whose peasants were required to supply them and their troopswith food and labor.Under Abbas the Great captured Russian slaves were used in the imperial bureaucracy. They also monopolizedthe firearms which had become prominent.Mullahs were mosque officials and prayer leaders, used as agents of Safavid religious campaign to convert allpopulations to Shi'ism. Encouraged growth of handicraft production and trade, establishing imperial workshops where products weremanufactured.Patriarchy was a form of control on the the power of women. Fall of the Safavid A grandson whom is weak is placed on the throne after Abbas' death. As the dynasties forces declined, rivals such as the Ottomans reduced their territory. And in March, 1722 the Empire was besieged by Afgani troops and the Safavid power was ended.
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