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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 George Childress That name doesn't seem familiar, huh? Never heard of him in Social Studies, or read about him in a book. Trust me when I say, that when I started researching about this guyI didn't know what purpose he had. I thought my history teacher had pulled a prank on me by giving me a random, non-legendary person to do research on. Boy, how wrong was I. George. No, silly! Not George Clooney! George Childress was actually the creator of the TexasDeclaration of Independence! I mean, for the writer of Texas' most imporrant document, he isn't very well known. That is true at least for the people that don't life in Childress, Texas! Must be cool getting your own CITY named after you! Not tomention a county, too! "But random narrator!" You ask, "How did it all start?" Well, I have the answer RIGHT HERE. George Childress was born on January 8th, 1804 in the present City of Nashville. As he grew older, George got involved in law and justice and soon becamea lawyer. Eventually, George got involvedin the convention of 1836, a meetingof certain elected delegates. In the convention, Georgealong with otherrepresentatives; decidedto write a Texas declaration ofIndependence. Although George wasn't the only representative, the othersdidn't really help much on themaking and writing of the document. Dubbing George Childress as the official writer. Hard work always pays off! George Childress Now for the most important questionthat will be answered in your life. IS GEORGE CHILDRESS LEGENDARY? The simple answer is yes. I mean, he WROTE THETEXAS DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE! That's super cool! As my epic friend Gabby says; "Anyone who fights for freedom is awesome!"
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