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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What is Hydro-electricity What is Petroleum Hydro-electricity VS. Petroleum Hydro-electricity - Electricity generated by waterfalling on a turbine causing the turbine to spin. Electricity that comes from rocks that can be extractedand refined to produce fuel such as gasoline, kerosene,and oil. Why do some people use these sources of electricity. Petroleum is used all over the world everydaybecause it's what most people need for transportation.Petroleum fuels our gasoline powered cars, buses,trucks, boats, and plains. But the main problems arethat it's a non-renewable resource that pollutes andis getting more and more expensive. Hydro is used more than petroleum. It powers not onlyhouses but factory's, electric cars, and most of thethings we use that include electricity. This Renewablesource of electricity is be used more everyday andand does not harm our planet. Pro's and Con's Pro's Does not pollute(Eco-Friendly) Is a Renewable source of electricity(Unlimited amount of resources) Reliable Safe(No fuel involved) Pro's Con's Enviormental Consequenses(Can change the flow of water) Limited Reservoirs(Only 30 major Power Plants) Expensive Oil is available in large quantities Opens up jobs for people Con's Carbon Dioxide Non-Renewable(Limited amount of resources Dangerous (Not so safe) Pollutes $ Expensive $ Hydro Energy Production2011 Petroleum Hydro-electricity is better than Petroleum because first of all we won'thave fossil fuels for long. It's a non renewable resource and just the U.S.alone uses about 21 million barrels of oil a day. Also the pollution that that comes from Petroleum is horrible, it's putting out huge amounts ofcarbon dioxide and destroying habitats harming our planet. Hydro-electricity is the opposite, it does not pollute, and it's arenewable resource. The only bad problem is that it's hard to buildthe power plants because it's expensive. It's safer to to work hydro than it is petroleum because with petroleum there's a lot of chemicals that can harm peopleand working with hydro your working with water.
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