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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Hideyoshi Toyotomi (Formerly Hideyoshi Hashiba) Physiology * Name: Hideyoshi Toytomi* Age: 35* Gender: Male * Oda Nobunaga (Hideyoshi's lord)is said to have given him thenickname "Monkey" due toHideyoshi's "Monkey-Like Physique"this normally would not intimidate opponents, but Hideyoshi was renowned forhis expert weapons handling. * Height: 151 cm (5'1)in relation to other characters, Hideyoshiis remarkably short. Thisaids him in the sensethat his monkey-likeabilities can shine through * Hideyoshi Toyotomi isthe most famous peasant-samurai in Japan, and is heralded as one of theirthree unifiers. Sociology * Economic Power: comingfrom peasant roots, and apoor family , Hideyoshi appreciates his position and lives to servehis lord Oda Nobunaga * Marital Status: Married.His wife, Nene, remains loyal and devoted, despiteHideyoshi's promiscuityin the need to create a successor, and his unrequited infatuation not only with Oichi, his Lord's sister, but also withhis famous concubine, Lady Yodo,also known as "Cha Cha".In one cutscene, Hideyoshiwrites a letter to Nene explaining how much he misses her, butalso requests the presence ofCha Cha with him. Nene insteadappears herself, much to his surprise. Psychology * Beliefs: Hideyoshi vows to create a world where everybody can be happy. Samurai Warriors2 details his life as a conquerorby avenging his Lord's Deathat Yamazaki, and the followingseries of events. * Temperament: Usually fairly calm, Hideyoshi has the ability not to panicunder pressure. As a leader, Hideyoshiendeavors to unify the land with theminimal amount of bloodshed. * Extrovert; Hideyoshi is shown to followNobunaga's orders (up until the death of his lord) selflessly. Visiting Magoichi Saika,his mercenary and friend, at the Saika Village once Nobunaga laid siege to the area,Hideyoshi shows remorse for following theactions of the Oda. His personality therefore,while sprinkled with fun-loving moments,includes humility, care, bravery and recklessness. * Hideyoshi is highly intelligent,both in the sense of book smarts and emotional intelligence, with a strongpersonality and generous character. Wants:Needs: To build a land where everyonecan live in peace and harmony To learn responsibility and some degree of seriousness
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