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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Senator state and federal levels-you have to be 21; resident of district; and qualified to vote in your district How a bill becomes a state law: introduced, worked in committees, debate, vote, sign/veto. Three qualifications for the following positions Representative/Delegate state and federal levels- 21 years of age, a resident of the district which they are seeking to represent, qualified to vote for legislators of the General Assembly. Names of the following members AND how long they serve each termCurrent 65th District Delegate in Virginia- Lee Ware 2 yearsCurrent 10th District Senator in Virginia- John Watkins 4 years VOCAB: Bill- introduced, committee, debate, vote, sign/vetoReserved powers- powers reserved to the stateCommittee- a group of people 10th amendment- gives power to Virginia stated by the Virginia ConstituitionSession- the meetings. They meet 60 days even years 30 days odd years.Bicameral- 2 housesVeto- to say no or disapproveImplied Power- powers NOT specifically stated in the ConstitutionDelegated- powers specifically stated in the ConstitutionOrdinances- state and local laws Chesterfield County legislative branch:A 5 member Board of SupervisorsSupervisor from our area is SteveElswick. Chesterfield County executive branch:County Administrator- executive of the countyJames J. L. Stegmaier Assembly members- Senate and House of Delegates. Make laws. Speaker of the House of Delegates- Most powerful member of the house. He starts the sessions.Lieutenant Governor of Virginia- In charge of VA Senate.President Pro Tempore of Virginia- If something happens to Lt. Governorthen President Pro Tempore takes his place. Roles of the following General Assmebly members Test 7 Study Guide Persia Rezaee
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