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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 "Stream Enegry Ignite Wireless Mobile" 9 REASONSTO JOINSTREAMPRELAUNCH! ¡ Nationwide Launch of customer gathering¡ FREE Mobile Program¡ Data Shared Business Plans¡ Sprint Shared Plans AT&T TBA¡ Proposal Tool¡ Content Transfer Tool¡ Tablets & Hotspots¡ Warranty Program ¤ 57% of wireless data traffic is carried over Wi-Fi.This is expected to increase to 64% by 2018¤ The United States has the 3rd most public Wi-Fi hotspots with 152,069 access points (and growing!). ¤ Offloading to Wi-Fi reduces Data usage needs!¤ Stream will focus on providing customized plans with Data in mind forour customers (Mobile Your Way). CHOICE OF TWO NETWORKSStream has partnered with twoheavyweight mobile networks,AT&T and SPRINT to deliverStream Wireless 4g NationwideMobile Phone Service! IT'S ALL ABOUT DATA¤ Most consumers do not know their usage and over pay for data they dont use!¤ Average wireless consumers use 1.2GB of data a month.That increases to 1.6GB a month on 4G/LTE network. AT&T BUSINESS PLANUnlimited Talk and Text plus choose your data:1 GB = $35/mo.2 GB = $45/mo.3 GB = $55/mo.5 GB = $70/mo. SPRINT CONSUMERUnlimited Talk and Textplus choose your data:¡ 1 GB = $30/mo.¡ 2 GB = $40/mo.¡ 3 GB = $50/mo.¡ Unlimited = $65/mo. Activation fee is $35 paid up front (non refundable) No contract (month to month service) 3 Ways to acquire service:o Purchase phones at full retail priceo Lease to Own (24 month payments)o Bring your own device (BYOD) must be compatible Premium Customer Support ATT BUSINESS PLANSexclusive to Stream Associates Today*Approximately $8 -$12 less than AT&T Consumer plans (TBD) Additional data usage above plan will be 1.5 cents per MB Most other carriers round up data overage!
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