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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Role of Women in Ancient Greece Weddings Family Women in Ancient Greece weremarried at a young age. Theywere between 12 and 16 yearsold. Since girls were so youngthey didn't have a say in whothey would marry. Their parentschose for them. Often the girlshad yet to meet the man. Therewere not any ceremonies insteadthey had a celebration. The woman's parents would pay a dowry.This means they wouldexchange money with the man.After the celebration the womanwould move in with their newhusband. If they were bothcitizens they were married.If the woman moved out theywere divorced. Usually the husbands parents lived withthem. If they were wealthy slaves would live with them also. Women were expected to lead aprivate life as wives and mothers.Their lives were centered at home.Wealthy women had slaves tohelp do household chores, to goshopping at the market and evento help bring up the children. Thewomen would be spinning, weaving and other chores, whilethe children occupied their time by played with toys and games. Thewoman would also pick grapes,to eat or use for wine. They would also pick or knock the olives out of a tree to use for olive oil.Olive oil was very important to thewoman,they used it for cooking, lighting, beauty products and athletic purposes. Women and girlswere not expected to do many physical activities. They were to busy at the house. Citation List: Ancient Greece- for Kids- <>. Wedding Celebration. Ancient Greece Family Images:
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