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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Battle of New Orleans This infographic is about the Battle of New Orleans. But before we fully explain the battle, we would like to show what led up to the battle. This battle was on January 8, 1815.This was also the last battle that endedthe War of 1812. General Andrew Jackson of Americabattled off against Lieutenant Packenham.They were fighting over dominion of theMississippi River. IF the British got it, then America's southern trade would be under their thumbs.Luckily, Jackson's 4,500 unexperienced soldiersbeat Packenham's trained 8,000. That's almost half of Jackson's army beating the British withless than 100 casualties for the Americans. This was the battle that made the British retreat back to the GulfCoast and end the war once and for all. As you can see this was a very significant victory in American History. Battle of New Orleans Battle of York Periodicidad How did the war and battle start? The War of 1812 led up to the Battle of New Orleans. The reason the war started, was because the British started to force American sailors to work on their ships. This battle took place in 1814 and was between the British forces led by George Prevost and George Downie and the American forces led by Thomas Macdonough and Alexander Macomb. The battle was won by the American forces and it ended the invasionof America by British forces in the war of1812. The battle took place on Lake Champlain and was defended by the Americans to protectthe northern states because the lake was a Gateway to thenorthern states. It is significant because it helped bring an agreement to a peace treaty for Britain and America. double click to change this title text! Battle of Plattsburgh By:Dev Vasani and Logan Spiess The Battle of York took place in 1813. The American commanders wereHenry Dearborn,Zebulon Pike, and Isaac Chauncey. The British army was led by Roger Hale Sheaf. At first they were going to fight over Lake Ontario, but the American forces realizedthat it would be better to capture the cityof York. The Americans eventually won, but the two armies did not agree on certain facts,leading to the Americans burning the city of York.This battle was significant because it made theBritish scared of how crazy the Americans wereand it weakened the British forces extravagantly. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. double click to change this header text!
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