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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mexican Revolution French Revolution 1789-France 1810-Mexico - Revolt of the Criollo's -Revolted for inferior position in caste system and pushed for freedom from the Spanish. -Revolt was in current day Mexico -Hidalgo created growing militia to revolt against the Spanish governmentalong with Jose Maria Morelos y Pavon, Mariano Matamoros and Vicente Guerrero. -Marched through cities attaching the Spanish till the Spanish in 1821 for they were outmatched -Treaty of Cordoba was signed declaring Mexicos independence and estabolishing Mexicos first republic -Revolt of the 3rd Class -Located in France -People were over taxed and upset over unequal treatment in the caste system -Assembled from thought of the gov't not wanting the involvement in Estates General Meeting. -Created National Assembly, swore an oath to not stop revolution till new constitution is advised. -Stormed/raided Bastille and captured the king, sentenced the king to death. Soldiers fought against the people ,under order, until revolution spread across France to destroy Frances old order. -Change in gov't, attempt to create republic and restore monarchy. Adopted Declaration of Rights of the Man and of Citizen. "We swear to never separate ourselves from the National Assembly, and to resemble wherever circumstances require, until the constitution of the realm is drawn up and fixed upon solid foundation." -The French people of the 3rd class were committed to put an end to the corruption of France and committed themselves to not stop until the people get the gov't they want "Mexicans!...tell your children think with kindness of the first Chief of the Army of the Three Guarantees...if my children should stand in need of your protection, remember that their father spent the best season of his life in laboring for your welfare!" -The Criollos wanted to revolt to pas the through the difficult conditions of the Spanish rule. The Criollos wanted a future to look at its gov't to help the people when needed -Both revolutions changed the gov't and reached the main goal of the revolution -Revolutions changed the ways people saw the gov't and how it should be fixed from being enlightened -Revolutions were formed by the lowest class due to the same reason of inequality. ASHAN KHARZAI
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