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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Fat Stupid Ugly by Debrah Constance Date of Publish: 2004 Major Themes: Never give up on yourself.Don't let your past bring you down.Face your fears and show everyone what you are capable of. Main Characters:DebrahGideonDiana Exposition:Protagonist: DebrahAntagonist: Arnold (Debrah's father)Setting-time:1985-2000Setting-place:Santa Monica, CaliforniaInternal conflict: Debrah's pastExternal conflict: Debrah's life with others Conflict:Debrah had many conflicts. She faced a lot of challenges, but the words fat, stupid, ugly were always her downs. Summary:Debrah's parents didnt like her since birth, they described her as a ugly fat baby. Debrah grew up with the abuse of her father. She didnt finished highschool but her grandparents helped her out and she started to make something out of her life. But she still faced the abuse of some of her husbands. She creates A Place Call Home for children.She meets the love of her life too. Graphic with Explanation:The book cover image shows a littlegirl who was always alone and the in her hand might shows hope. Maybe that's why it's the only thing in color. Target Audience with explanation:This book can be to women who are struggling to find a solution to problems or just need to find courage within them.Also it's to those who have been abuse in anyway, and been call bad things. Favorite Quote:"I'd look at these kids in their baggy pants, draped with chains, with theirshaved heads and tattoos and weapons, and what i'd see was the light of god in their eyes"(Debrah) This is a book of inspiration and shows a lot of faith.I loved it because there's women out their that maybegoing through this situation and this book can give inspiration to them. Also is an easy book to read, I really enjoyed it.
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