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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Roman Republic Roman Republic The Laws of Romans The Laws of Romans The beginning of Roman's laws were called the Twelve Tables. The Twelve Tables were laws written on tablets that described the rights of each person in the Rome. It explained every ones rights concerning property, wills, public actions, family laws, and court behaviors. Writing down the Twelve Tables ensured everyone knew the laws and judges did not apply laws differently to other people. These laws were a first step toward the idea of the rule of law that we use today. Roman Government Roman Government The Roman government was a three-part government calleda tripartite. One group ran Roman government, another groupmade and wrote laws, and the other group acted as judges. In Roman government two consuls, the top government officials,both patricians, were chosen to lead an army and government. Rome also had praetors, important officials, who would interpretlaws and act as judges in court cases. The Assembly of Centuries,elected councils and praetors, and passed laws which led Rometo being an organized government. Cincinnatus Cincinnatus Cincinnatus is one of the best know Roman dictators. One day a powerful army surrounded the Roman and they needed a powerful dictator to lead them. The Roman officials picked Cincinnatus to lead them in war, he gathered some citizensto join his army and went to fight. In short time Cincinnatuscame back to Rome with victory, defeating the enemy.Though he could have kept leading his army, he went back to his farm. His actions were doing a duty as acitizen in his republic and many people were inspiredby him.
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