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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Habsburg dynasty has dominated the European civilization during the 16th and 17th century and has become one of the most powerful empires in history. 1402-1521 History Flashback: Spain Domination The marriage of Ferdinand II and Isabelle I of Castile created a confederation of reigns (kings & queens) but ruled by one monarch. Ferdinand II was ableto control the Iberian Peninsulaand was very influential in a war against Venice. The Castilian Empirewas the result ofrapid expansioninto the New World. The Castilian Empire became the source of Spain wealth and power in Europe. 1521-1556 After Charles' victory in the Battle of Pavia, his Italian forces looted Rome but eventually signedthe Peace of Barcelona (Pope Clement VII and Charles I) and made Spain the shield of the Catholics. England joined Spain in Charles'invasion of France. Spain was defeated but England and Austria took care of it. Charles decided to disposethe Schmalkadic League,a Protestant alliance to prevent attacks from Spain. After battles in Germany against the league, Charles agreed to sign the Peace of Augsburg with Protestant states and restored stability in Germany. 1556-1571 The Peace Chateau-Cambrésis was signed which dictated that Spain had control of Italy. Spain was experiencing financial difficulties. Philip II was bankrupt but the Genoese bank opened and gave Spain fluid credit and a dependentregular income. Spain participatedin the Battle of Lepanto. It gave a period of decline in theOttoman Empire. The Eighty Years' War caused a lot of problems for Spain; economically and politically. Since it was at warwith England, France and the Netherlands. 1571-1626 With wars against three countries, Spain was vulnerable. So, the Treaty of Vervins was signed and gave peace between France and Spain. Also, the Twelve Years' Truce wassigned and Spain was at peace. After Spain got time to recover, they were involved in the Thirty Years' War together with Austria, its ally. During the war, Count-DukeOlivares affirmed that "God is Spanish and fights for our nation these days" because despite of their problems they were still the superpower of Europe. 1626-1700 The Battle of Rocroi ended the Spanish dominance in Europe. The king in power, Charles II had deformities due to inbreeding (genetic problem) and was unable to fulfill his duties. Spain was left without an heir to the throne. Charles decided to give the throne to the Bourbon prince Philip of Anjou. Impact on Europe:> Gave rise to the Bourbons of France> Increased trade in Europe> Peace between nations> Muslims (Ottomans) were no longer powerful Impact to the Modern World:> It has contributed many military strategies being used today.> Inbreeding is being studied by doctors and historians alike. Spanish Culture Rayne Mallari9-JothamThe Growth of Nation-States
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