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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Single-Sex Classrooms Girls General Pros and Cons Boys 1. 2. Boys Vs Girls 2. Cons !. Pros -Improves learning and performance by allowing a better match for teaching and learning. - Improves learning quality since boys and girls develop at different rates so the students in the class are more likely to be at the same rate reducing educational gaps. -counters male-females stereotypes by ensuring that both sexes can take initiative in meeting challenges - Makes boys less competitive and more cooperative and collaborative-Makes girls feel less pressure as they mature and develop- Increases staff sensitivity and awareness of gender diff erences- Improves peer interaction- Provides positive same-gender role models- Provides more opportunities to pursue academic and extracurricular endeavorswithout racial and gender stereotypes- Is less distracting to an extent than co-ed environments Promotes gender stereotyping Undermines gender equality Doesnt prepare students for work or family life Makes exclusion acceptable Doesnt value diversity Deprives access to mainstream programs Doesnt socialize students to be less sexist Expensive to run two parallel programs -Single-sex education will not improve educational outcomes among poor and minority boys -Coeducation is better because being around girls(who usually tend to have higher academic achievement) will motivate them to do better as well. -Research finds that both boys and girls benefit from having more girls in the classroom-Both the elementary and high school levels showed no positive influence on boys academics in segregated classes-Preschoolers boys performed better in co-ed classrooms, whereas girls did equally well in single-sex and co-ed classes-There no evidence that single-sex schools are a way to improve boys academic progress. Girls academic success in subjects like math and science were not improved in a segregated classroomThere is little to no evidence that removing boys from the campus or classroom improves girls math and science skills or any other subjectHaving boys who are enthusiastic about school will help girls academic progressBetter quality lessons and education had a stronger impact on girls' academic progress rather than segregation Comparison between students in single-sex classes and Co-educational classes From what facts and statistics have brought to light, it is evident that single-sex classes do not make much of a difference to improve a students academic progress. It seems that it is more important for schoolsto focus more on the actual quality of the material being taught and having teachers who are able to reach different styles of teaching to help each student with their needs in understandingthe material instead of segregating the students. In the Chart we can see that the Coeducational students on average spent more hours doing each activity from studying to student activitiesshowing that segregating students is irrelevant to a students academic progress
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