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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 SERIOUS? Boston Tea Party~The colonists were mad abouttea being taxed~ They dressed up as indians.~They threw tea into the Boston Harbor Intolerable Acts ~The first law stated that that no shipcould enter or leave the harbor.~ The second law forbade colonists to hold town meeting more then once a year without the governor's permission.~ The third law allowed officers or officials that might be charged with major crimes to be tried in Britain or Canada instead of Massachusetts.~ The fourth law stated that no redcoats could camp in Boston Common, but instead colonists had to have their homes open to British soldiers. Quebec Act~Set up a government for Canada~Gave religious freedom to French Catholics~Extended border to include land between Ohio and Missouri Rivers. 1st Continental Congress~Delegates from 12 colonies gathered together. ~They held a meeting in Philadelphia. Battle of Lexington & Concord~ The British went tosteal weapons in Concord~The British ran into the minute men, and a shot was fired.~War broke out.~The British ran to find the weapons.~When there were no weapons, the British retreated home. Common Sense~Thomas Paine wanted to change colonistsattitudes toward Britain and the King~He wrote "Common Sense". Battle of Bunker Hill~ The first major battle of the Revolution~Proved Americans could fight bravely Declaration of Independence:~ First idea is Natural Rights~Second idea is the British Wrongs~Third idea is independance and that the colonies are the United States
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