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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 transparent Boston Tea party Parliament Strikes Back Events From The Boston Tea PartyLeading Up To TheDeceleration of Independence The Colonists were prepared to resist andfighting broke out. The coloniststroop went from 1-4,000. This was called the Battle ofLexington and Concord. In 1774 colonial leaders called ameeting in Philadelphia. Delegates from 12 colonies gathered. Georgia did not send delegates. First Continental Congress 2) Parliament forbad Massachusettsto hold any meetings more than once a year without government permission 4) Parliament passed a new Quartering Act that stated that colonistswould have to house all British soldiers in their houses when no other housing was available. 1) Parliament shut down theport of Boston King George IIIpunished Massachusetts. The Colonists calledthem the Intolerable Acts. 3) Parliament allowedcustoms and officers who might be charge with major crimeto be sent back toBritain or Canada The Colonists dressed up as Indians and dumped Tea into The Boston Harbor Lexington And Concord Second Continental Congress The delegates met and they sent the Olive Branch Petition to the King. The OliveBranch Petition is when the colonist declared their loyaltyto the King and asked himto repeal the Intolerable Acts. The King said no. George Washington was then appointed commanderof the Continental Army. Battle of Bunker Hill Although the Patriots lost the first majorbattle of the Revolution,it proved they could fight bravely. It also showed that the British would not be easily defeated. As a result the British blockaded theports of England. Decelaration Of Independence The Declaration of Independence wassigned on July 4th 1776 declaring that the 13 colonies were free from British rule.
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