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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 VenezuelaKatie Shroyer Venezuela is a hot,humid country filledwith rainforests,mountains, and buzzing cities. Venezuela is filledwith adventures foreveryone Venezuela is bordered byGuyana, Brazil, and Columbia.Guyana and Venezuela have anenvolved history with one another. Venezuela also borders theCaribbean Sea making the beacha popular attraction as well.Thiscountry is divided into 23 statesand Zuila is the biggest state with almost 3 million inhabitants. Venezuela has a high literacy rate(96%) Their life expectancy is 71(M)and 78(F). Their infant mortality rate is 19/1000. Their GDP per capita is $13,600. With high statistics in all categories, Venezuela is a developedcountry. Venezuela is filled with naturalresources such as hydropower, gold,mercury, and iron ore. These help and are crucial to the land and people. Venezuela is not denselypopulated. In fact, there are about 32 people persquare kilometer. Even though the population is not dense, Venezuela struggles with issues like pollution and deforestation Tourism is one of the most popular things in Venezuela. Because Venezuela is so diverse, there is a lot to see. In cities such as the capital,Caracas, you can learn about history and culture. There aremountains are rainforests to explore as well. Animals arecommon in the jungles andsome are great to study.Venezuela even offers beachesalong the Caribbean Sea. Themost popular tourist sight in Venezuela is Angel Falls in Canaima National Park. Angel Falls is popular becauseit is the world tallest waterfall.It is fifteen times taller thanNiagara Falls in Canada. Overall, Venezuela is a wonderful country locatedin South America. This country is rich in culture and has many adventuresto participate in. As a developed country with a strong government, Venezuela is a wonderfulplace to visit. There is no place as unique and beautiful as Venezuela. Los Roques Beachon the Caribbean Sea The flag of Venezuela Caracas, the capitalcity of Venezuela Angel Falls locatedin Canaima National Park. This is the tallestwaterfall in the world
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