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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Early Battles of the Revolutionary War Battle of Brandywine Battle of Long Island Battle of Bunker Hill Patriot casualties Patriot casualties Patriot casualties British casualties British casualties British casualties about 1300 600-2000 about 440 about 1150 about 2050 about 400 Outcome Outcome Outcome What Happened? What Happened? What Happened? When Where? When Where? When Where? British Strategy Tactic British Strategy Tactic British Strategy Tactic - Washington takes the troops to NYC- British offer Washington surrender instead of fighting- British send a small forced to attack center of Patriot defense and rest of army almost surround Americans- Patriots are forced to retreat while 400 soldiers from Maryland cover the retreat (most die) August 27, 1776 (official) New York City - British victory- British control NYC- Patriots retreat to PA British strategy: control NYC, split colonies in two partsBritish tactics: lay siege to the American army June 17, 1775 near Boston, Massachusetts - Americans learned of British plan to take Bunkerhill and Breed's hill and secretly built forts the night before the British arrived- General Howe leads three charges up Breedshill- Americans run out of ammo after second charge and forced to retreat British tactics: gain higher ground for view and to place artillery- British strategy: gain control of important city for rebel activity -British victory-British gain control of Boston September 11, 1776 near Chadds Ford Pennsylvania -British victory-British control of Philadelphia -Washington Zisson troops east of Brandywine Creek on Highground expecting British to come at Chadds Ford-Howe sent half of army across Chadds Ford and the rest south to surprise right flank-Continental line wasn't completely formed and fell back to attack British strategy: divide army in surprise attack on right sideBritish tactics: capture key American city Important leaders Important leaders Important leaders British British British Patriot Patriot Patriot George Washington George Washington -General William Howe-Richard Howe General William Howe tap and hold to changethis text!
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