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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 KNOW THESTUDEN TREGENT OUR PROPOSED AMENDMENTS Last November 2014, the UP Law Student Government (UP LSG) submitted proposed amendments to the current Codified Rules for Student Regent Selection (CRSRS). With these proposals, the UP LSG aims to democratize further the selection of the UP StudentRegent, and to ensure further transparency and accountability within the institution. UP Other Elective Positions within the Office of the Student Regent This proposal highlights the need for accountable officerselected as representatives by the student body from eachunit within the UP system. This is to ensure that while theSR remains the direct representative of the students in the BOR, his or her Office is formed by officers directly accountable to the electorate which gave them mandate, and as such, are imbued with the duties and obligations thrust upon them. 1 2 One Student, One Vote This proposal does not necessarily pertain to a populistvote of one student granted one vote directly to choosehis or her SR. In the current system of choosing the SR,each UP unit is granted capacity to forward their nominee via a system of nomination within the unit. This proposal instead offers an amendment to the CRSRS which grants the capacity to choose each unit's nominee via a democratic system voting. The student granted the highest number of votes in his or her unit becomes manadated to become the official nominee of the unit, to be deliberated upon by the GASC. As such, the process of choosing the SR remains as part of GASC deliberations. Only the nominees per unit are voted upon by the student body.
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