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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 OLBIA (OT) SPORTS AND RECREATION PROGRAM RENEWABLE ENERGIES HOUSING CONSTRUCTION RETAIL CONSTRUCTION COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION Issues ............................ 1_ Widening service gap between facility standards & user need2_ No needs based plan for asset renewal3_ Various users, demands, & stakeholders.4_ Significant investment, risk and community benefit Drivers ............................ Approach 1_ Asset sustainability2_ Transparent, accountable & strategic governance3_ Community capacity4_ Demonstrating leadership Strategic direction consistingof a spatial plan, and technical and service definitions for sports assets based on future needs, challenges &opportunities 1_ Homogeneous facilities within recreation spaces2_ Not all assets included in renewal schedule3_ 'Useful life' too long for some recreation facilities4_ Politically driven asset management 1_ Financial sustainability2_ Valued community facilities3_ Accountable and accurate decision making4_ Service management Contextual and technical service and performancedefinitions to guide thecomprehensive planning,funding & managementof Council recreation assets ADVANCED ASSETMANAGEMENTPLAN RECREATION FACILITIES FRAMEWORK SPORTS DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY OPEN SPACE PLAN REVIEW & PRESENTATION 1_ Major open space projects create new assets without true cost implications.2_ Minor open space projects have a limited scope3_ No community engagement4_ There is insufficient criteria to support asset divestment. 1_ Our community is increasingly diverse & is growing through urban consolidation.2_ There are no defined service or performance requirements for assets3_ Long term financial planning does not reflect asset lifecycles 1_ A functioning system that supports efficient, effective, accountable & strategic provision of sustainable & relevant assets. 2_ Community Health & Wellbeing Co-created plan supporting a shared vision and expectation of the City's open space & recreation assets. 3_ Capital Works Program 6_ Performance Reporting 7_ Customer Request Management 9_ Annual Review 2_ Annual Business Plan 4_ Project Management Framework 1_ Long Term Financial Plan 10_ New Initiatives 1_ Best value landscape management2_ Equitable investment3_ Responsive governance4_ Shared vision and approach 8_ Community Engagement 5_ Section Plan Delivery DEC 2015 2016 JUNE JUNE 2017 JUNE Incorporation of servicedefinitions modelled on user needs to guide the systematic delivery of valued community open space & recreation assets aligned to strategic need and local context. V01.15
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