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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 double click to change this header text! WHAT INNVOVATIVE IDEAS DO YOU HAVE TO ENGAGE FIRST YEAR STUDENTS IN OUR SPORTS PROGRAMME? HAVE YOU WITNESSED ANY GAPS IN OUR SPORTS BRAND & HOW WOULD YOU CONTINUE TO DRIVE IT? WORKING EFFECTIVELY WITH THE UNIVERSITY IN THESPORTS PARTNERSHIP? BALANCING INCREASING PARTICIPATIONAND DEMAND FOR FACILITIES? Offer IMS training sessions so students can progress. Create a YouTube channel so potential students can look at the programme for themselves and get second and third year teams in halls tosupport first year teams. Continue to expand and develop the sports days and UoN engage programme. Improve the quality of the IMS inter-hall system and develop an appso that sport is more accessible. There is no culture behind the brand and many do not know what it represents. Wearing green and gold needsto be respected It to work for both parties because sport membership is a business.The offcer has got to represent students. Finding out what students want is key. Look at which sports suffer the most. Have teams give two idealtime slots and one which is slightly inconvenient to show that they are all flexible. It is a two-way system, The two sides might need to co-operate betterbecause there are currently problems with sports club membership. Approaching this issue honestly and in a transparentmanner is what is important. All want to play more so got to keep it fair for all teams. Pushingfor more IMS training sessions would be difficult, but it is important to improve quality. Work with students to find out what they want and collaborate. double click to change this header text! SPORTS OFFICER CANDIDATE QUESTION TIME 2015 YOLANDA KING JOE TURNER JAMES BRAMLEY AARON WATTS More promotion and introduce University sports hoodies. One way to improve is to review throughout the year. Find out problems with the brand and get those not in clubs, e.g. IMS players, involved. Consider the culture of some sports and their rules to work to improve kit.
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