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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 4A Culture Sports clubs and gyms are popular in Spanish-Speaking countries, because there are few school-based sports teams. Plaza Morazan is the main square in the capital in the city of Honduras. Strolling through the plaza and cities is very popular in Spanish-Speaking countries. STROLLING EXERCISE Movies are a popular form of entertainment in Spanish-speaking countries. Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, and Venezuela have important film industries. MOVIES OLD SAN JUAN San Juan is Puerto Rico's capital and is it popular and very lively. Puerto Rican authorities are making extreme efforts to preserve old homes and buildings to restore them to their original beauty. The language of the Nahuapeople of central Mexico (Aztecs) is related to Shoshone, Comanche,and Hopi tribes in the US. When the spanish pushed north they often ended up following account Native american trade routesand used Nahua people as guides. LANGUAGE HISTÓRICO The oldest permanent European settlement which is St. Augustine, Florida and was established by Spain in 1565-55 years before the pilgrims landed. About 2 years after that the Spanish a large part in the US (Mexico) and other parts of the southern US. Francisco de Goya is a spanish painter. He made El quitasol in 1777 as a design to be used in the manufacture of royal tapestry. He is famous for the elegance of his work and the ability to capture ordinary events in realistic detail. EL QUITASOL In many business and neighborhoods in the US, people speak Spanish. For example, in Chicago Illinois is home to one of the largest Mexican communities. The colorful murals, thriving businesses, and popular restaurant give it, its own character. EL ESPAÑOL EN LA COMUNIDAD By: Paulina D'Alba
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