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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 RISE OF THE MEGACITIES : SEOUL Seoul is located in western Asia, in nothern South Korea, just east of Japan. SEOUL The population of Seoul is around 25.64 million. = 5 million Christianity Buddhism Other Christianity and buddhism are the two most common religions found in seoul. 21% of the population is christians and 20% are buddhists. 17 000/km 2 The density of Seoul is around 17 000 people per squared kilometre Birth rates become lower and lower each year. There is now only one child being born per woman. : Housing is too expensive so people move away for cheaper housing. Samsung, LG, Hyundai and Kia are all based in Seoul. x2 = New York's density. A megacity is an urban area with a population over million. These are created by urban drift which is when people move from rural areas to urban areas for better jobs, to earn more money and greater access to facilities such as hospitals, schools and child-care. Living in an urban area also gives better access to services such as electricity, clean water sanitation and entertainment. Over a century ago 15% of the worlds population lived in urban areas. Now over 50 % live in cities. 2007 was the first time that there were more people living in cities than in rural areas. RISE OF THE MEGACITIES In the centre of seoul, there are tall artistic buildings which is on the north side of the river. The city is then built behind and around this. Urban areas are now growing much faster than rural population and urbanisation the increasing numbers of people living in urban areas is growing faster than ever. Megacities now cover the world, mostly in Asia, South America and Africa rather than European and North American cities. And to think some people in history never even saw a city in their whole lives. Business Service Industries are helping industries manage their businesses : one senior citizen
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