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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 It is a license that is placed on original intellectual or physical property. like what? literary, dramatic, orartistic works; music; sound recordings; and more. The Canadian Copyright Law states that there are 3 criteria for a work to be under the copyright protection: SONY What is copyright? 1) Originality - must be an original work2) Fixation - must be in a material form3) Nationality - must be created by a Canadian citizen/subject or in association with Canada Digital Locks Restrictions placed on works to prevent usage without permission for example, there are digital locks on YouTube videos: you can't download them legally. Fair Dealing Exceptions to access and usage to works for purposes such as: education, research, criticism, and private study. How long does a copyright last? It generally lasts for 50 years after the owner has died. After this, it becomes a property of the public domain. for example, songs by the Beatles are still under theproperty of Michael Jackson. Public Domain Works in the public domain are no longerprotected by copyright; it is free for anyoneto use. Consequences 1) Civil remedies: involves two private parties2) Criminal sanctions: government prosecutes the private party The Canadian Copyright Act states that there are tworemedies for violating copyright: If you violate the copyright of a work, it is calledcopyright infringement.
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