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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 SOFTWARE ARCHITECTURE USER BUSINESS SYSTEM AREA OF GOAL AREA OF CONCERN USERS PRESENTATION LAYERUI ComponentsPresentation Logic Components EXTERNAL SYSTEMS SERVICES LAYER double click to change this header text! Service Interfaces Message Type Business Business BusinessWorkflow Components Entities BUSINESS LAYER DATA LAYER Data access Data Helper ServiceComponents /Utilities Agents Data sources Services CROSS CUTTING SecurityOperational ManagementCommunication KEY DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS Application designed for PC Mobile Server Communicate Interent DEPLOYMENT STRATEGY Must Balance Pattern hardware can support Set of constraints to deploy apps:Separation of components across serversLimitations of Networking protocolsFirewallRouter configurations APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGIES May be governed by:Organization PoliciesInfrastructure LimitationsResource Skills and so on. QUALITY ATTRIBUTES Security Performance Usability CROSSCUTTING CONCERNS Logging mechanismAuthentication and authorization permitsException management frameworkCommunication within layersAllow cache data in presentation layer, business layer and data access layer ARCHITECTURAL STYLE CLIENT/SERVER Client-ClientPeer-to-peer(P2P)Application servers COMPONENTS-BASED Decomposition of design into functional/ logical comp- onents DOMAIN DRIVEN DESIGN LAYERED MESSAGE BUS N-TIER/3-TIER OBJECT ORIENTED AbstractionCompositionInheritanceEncapsulationPolymorphismDecoupling Independent from other tiersExcept from above and below it nth tier need to know a request to handle from n+1th tier and to forward to n-1th tier Message-oriented-schemasComplex processing logicModificationIntegrationEnterprise Service BusInternet Service Bus Grouping of functionalityinto distinct layers stacked vertically to support flexibility and maintainability Software design based on business domain, its elements, behaviors and relationships between them. 1.Identify Architecture Objectives 2. Identify Key Scenarios 3. Create Application Overview 4. Identify Key Issues 5. Define Candidate Solutions MAJOR STAGE Sources:Microsoft Structure architecture Guide (2009). Software Architecture and Design (2nd ed.). Retrieved from
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