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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Lindsay's Agents of Socialization Timeline Family: 65% Between the ages 0-7, my familytaught me everything I neededto know about anything I wouldexperience as a child. The fun wehad together put me in smiles allthe time and made me a talkativekid. Peers: 20% I had 3 really good best friendswho I didn't go to school withand it made me really happyto make play dates with themand interact with them. School: 10% Due to the fact that thesewere the early years of school,it really did not have a huge impact. I met a lot ofother kids and learned socialskills. Mass Media: 5% Media did not make animpact on my life besidesthe disney movies I watchedfor fun. Elementary Child Family: 35% During Elementary school,my family was very supportiveof my new learning abilitiesand made sure we still hadenough time for family time andgame nights. Peers: 22% Friends became a muchlarger part of life becauseof the interaction we hadduring school and recess time.I still have my own imaginzation. School: 30% Knowledge becomes deeperand the impact teachersand other students haveon my behavior is increasing greatly. Mass Media: 13% Commercials and Ads for toysare starting to get myattention. For example,barbies were a basic things for girls to play with. High School Family: 30% As a teen in High School, my family is always therefor me, but I do not have the same relationship as I usedto with them. I've become moreindependent. Peers: 40% Middle School My group of friends are theclosest group of friends I know of. Out of all the other friends in HighSchool, we've stayedtogether Freshman yeartill now and they have madethe biggest impact onmy life through these years. School: 20% School is one of the mainstressors in my life becauseof the fact that most of my future depends on how well I do in High School. Mass Media: 10% Other than social media suchas twitter and instagram,I try to stay away frommedia and not pay any attention to the basic news,ads, and celeberties. Family: 45% My family kept me out of troubleand in check in middleschool. They were there for me during the important changes of my life. Peers: 25% Middle school werethe years filled withdrama everydaywith all the students. School: 8% Unfortunately, during theseyears I did not consider school a top priority. Mass Media: 22% This is when I let massmedia get to me themost. I always had to have the newest thingsand be on Facebook.
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