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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 SMS for Sexual Health 3.3 billion have a mobile phone (1 in 2 persons) SpeedCostTimeAccess double click to change this title text! Sexual Health Clinics Considerations Rates of STI have increased in every country in the world mHealth is defined as "the use of portable electronic devices for mobile voice or data communication to provide health info" 90% of developed countries, 33% of developing world Two-thirds of chlamydia notifications are among those under 25 Under 25 have the highest risk of contracting an STI Julia Chew EPID 829 Instant Low LowVery Common Instant Very Low Low Common Instant - If Answered Low High Almost Universal Slow Moderate High Universal SMS Email Phone Call to Fixed Line Post Usages of SMS In South Africa, after a visit to the home of an HIV/AIDS patient, counsellors text information about the patient's condition and antiretroviral use to a monitored central database accessible to all doctors Sexual Health Services Appointment RemindersProvision of STI resultsCommunication of Sexual Health InformationAssistance with tracing after STI diagnosis Reminders for taking daily oral contraceptivesSMS reminding women of their fertility dates The UK's Grab a Condom serviceallows people to SMS for condoms that are delivered by mail in an unmarked package Heath Promotion General to the Population Specific Messages in Response Used to educate and informabout a certain aspect of health Cost efficient, easy to reach mass numbers In the Netherlands, SMS was usedto communicate health information to 2641 sex workers many of whom would not have been reached through traditional means Used to answer queries from young peopleabout sexual health or general concerns Services in the UK, USA Australia, Singapore, India,China, Finland, and Kenya have used SMS systems to answer questions from young people about sexual health The theory behind these programmes is that young people feel more comfortableasking questions in an anonymous way through a familiar medium Queries are answered personallyby a health professional or counsellor. With some systems, a server automatically responds with a predetermined response based on keywords in the original text There is potential for misuse and misinterpretation in information within SMS In Swaziland, a campaign was condemned by people living with HIV/AIDS for portraying AIDS as being caused by infidelity Difficulties determining whether the message has been received by the correct recipient Confidentiality concerns regarding appointments, test results, and questions about sexual health, some young people share cellphones with their parents Moving Forward Assessment of mHealth needs to include awareness of practical issues such as sustainability, participating organizations, technical capacity, and financing To implement mHealth, local technical capacity and training will be necessary, this process will be cyclical as new technological capabilities arise Data security and citizen privacy are areas that will require legal protection to ensure that mHealth users' data are properly protected According to the WHO, evaluation of mHealth activity by Member States isvery low (12%). Evaluations need to be incorporated to achieve quality results References World Health Organization. "mHealth: New Horizons for health through mobile technologies." 2011. Lim, Megan, Jane Hocking, Margaret Hellard and Campbell Aitken. "SMS STI: a review of the uses of mobile phone text messaging in sexual health." International Journal of STD and AIDS, 2008. Khan, James G, Joshua Yang and James S Kahn. "Mobile Health Needs and Opportunities in Developing Countries." Health Affairs, 2010 (29:2)., %20Yang,%20Kahn%20Mobile%20Health%20Needs%20and%20Opportunities%20in%20Develop ing%20Countries.pdf
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