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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources 26% of coalresources lost ANALYTICS OVERVIEW 08 - 10 February 2015 Social Media Report Instagram: 3806 followers 3794 yesterday KEY TERMS Page Engagement: The number of people who engaged with the page, includes any click or action such as comments and shares Impressions: Number of times company updates have been viewed, the change is compared to the previous period (previous day) Engagement: The total number of times people have clicked, commented on or shared an update Top 5 posts on Instagram: As of 10.02.15 we have 69.1K followers 09.02.15 - 66.5K 08.02.15 - 65.1K Average daily growth over the last week has been 4.8K Across Fb, Twitter, LinkedIn and G+: Audience grew by 1.7% to 237k between Feb 8 and Feb 10 201 outbound posts were made between Feb 8 and Feb 10 with an average of 17.9 engagements per post Posts were the most engaging content type Instagram following continues to increase On LinkedIn, page views have begun to climb after a few days of decline Approx 5 new likes per day on LinkedIn company page Twitter accounted for the most audience growth, with 3,848 new followers added, and was the fastest-growing channel, with 5.9% follower growth Top 3 videos: Pageviews are beginning to increase after a decline and we receive an average of 5 likes every day As of 10.02.15, we have 1.5K subscribers and a total of 68.7K views As of 10.02.15 we have 166.3K likes
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