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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources How do I watch the SMITE World Championship? Frequently Asked Questions SMITEWorld Championship2015 ATLANTA, GAJanuary 9-11th Cobb Performing Arts Centre If you cannot be there in person, we will be streamingthe event live at On January 9, 2015,the world's 8 most elite SMITE teams from 5 regions will gather in Atlanta to fight to become theSMITE World Champion. Overview An intense three daysof competition awaitsplayers and spectatorsalike, culminating in abest of 5 grand finalcompetition on Sunday.Don't miss your chanceto watch the action liveeither in Atlanta or viathe SmiteGame channelon Twitch. The prize pool for the SMITEWorld Championship keepsgrowing and you can contributeto it by joining in the Odyssey.Every week, were releasingexclusive items in-game.Each Odyssey item purchasedwill contribute towards theprize pool for the Tournamentand will also earn youexclusive rewards! If you have purchased a ticket you will receive ane-mail containing instructions for picking up yourbadge and gaining admission to the event. North America·Europe·China·Brazil·Hispanoamérica Whos playing in the event? How will the tournament run? The top 2 teams from North America, 2 teams fromEurope, 2 teams from China, 1 team from Braziland one team from South America will be playing. Friday and Saturday - 2 groups of 4 teams willparticipate in a round robin tournament. The top 2from those groups advance to a single eliminationSemi-Final that will begin on Saturday afternoon.There will then be a best-of-five final match onSunday after the third place match Sunday morning. Can I take pictures or video? Absolutely! The SMITE World Championship is a publicevent, and we encourage attendees to share theirexperiences with family, friends, and social media. Will I be on camera? Most likely. Not only will we be broadcasting the eventlive on our official Twitch channels, but we will berecording footage for use in later productions.
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