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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TOTAL INVESTED ($)$4,088.82 In the future, I would look more into current news sources and stories rather than just assuming that a companys stock will do well. I think my group and I would also try to research up and coming companies along with the already established large corporations. Just because a company is big and successful doesnt mean that their stocks are the same. STOCK PORTFOLIO STOCK MARKET GAME Munster High School Mr.FortnerV Villa Team 376 REMAINING BALANCE ($)$95,911.18 OVERALL UNREALIZED GAINS/LOSSES ($)$26.24 TOTAL EQUITY GAINS ($)$99,739.08 NET EQUITY GAINES ($)$260.92 PERCENT RETURN (%)-0.26% OVERVIEW OF PORTFOLIO o Name of Company Sun Edisono Ticker - SUNEo Purchase Price - $23.11o Number of Shares (Total) 12 o Ending Price (as of 12/5/14) $20.97o Gains or Losses ($) $25.67 INVESTMENT RATIONALE I chose the stocks that I now have because of an article I read in Google News. The article gave a list of investments stocks to purchase. I followed through, trusting that Google knows more about where to invest than I do. They are a multi-billion dollar network STRATEGY (GROUP) In short, our strategy was to find the best stocks that in that day would be doing well in their economic market. If there was some indication that we were close to losing money from certain stock that we bought, we would sell it, but we wouldnt find out about the damage until it was too late. FUTURE CHANGES GRAPHICS SHARES 10 shares FAGIX12 shares SUNE25 shares of ULTA40 shares of GETotal: 87 shares LINE GRAPH
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