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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Stock Market Game Munster High SchoolFortnerTaylor WinieckiTeam 378 I chose to invest in the Nike,Inc. stock because Nike has had a steady increaseover the past 8 monthsand is a very popular sportsbrand for all ages and is used by many professional athletes and athletic teams. Investment Rationale The strategy of our group was to buy familiar name brand products that were popular. We decided to be safe with our purchases so with 2 of our stocks we boughtthe minimum amount of shares. Under the advice of Nick's father who is a stock broker we bought GDX. Outside of GDX we did not have a future plan of buying more stock. We decidedon Hershey because it was a week before Halloween and withthe sales in candy we expected a rise in price. As we watched Nikestock it decreased greatly so we expected a rise soon after. Future Changes Strategy Our first change would be to buy at a higher price previously we went for low costing stocks.We would make a few more risks and invest in more companies not just the minimum. We would also more religiously study and enlighten ourselvesabout a stock before we bought it. double click to change this header text! Stock Portfolio Overview of Stock Company: Nike, Inc.Ticker: NKEPurchased at: $94.90Shares: 10Ending price on 12-5: $99.33Gains: $75.37 Total invested: $6786.70Remaining balance: $93,091.96Overall Unrealized losses: $-371.96Total Equity Gains: $99,784.34Net Equity Gains: $-215.66Percent Return: -0.22%
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