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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 SMG INFOGRAPHIC MUNSTER HIGH SCHOOLFORTNERDAMARYS DIAZTHE MONEY HONEYS Total Invested: $961,422.57Remaining Balance: $61,262,55Overall Unrealized GainsLosses: 134.1892Total Equity Gains: $99,839.98Net Equity Gaines: $160.02Percent Return: 0.16% Total Invested: $961,422.57Remaining Balance: $61,262,55Overall Unrealized Gains/Losses: 134.1892Total Equity Gains: $99,839.98Net Equity Gaines: $160.02Percent Return: -0.16% Name of Company: netflixTicker: NFLXPurchase Price: $334.48Number of Shares: 10Ending Price: $336.00Gains or Losses: $4.98 1.49% The way we came up with our strategy for our Stock Market Game, was we first all sat down and talked amongst ourselves about companies that are extremely popular today that people always talk about whether it was face to face or on social media. Then, we looked at the statistics and facts of each of the places we were interested in investing in, just to see how popular our company really is and if there would be anything we needed to before purchasing it. We, then, bought it. We watched it every week to see if it there was a gain or a loss and if after the second week of having it, we didnt think it would growing than we dropped and found another company that was more popular and more frequently talked about. Places that consumers would go to even if it wasnt for a luxury (like a hotel, etc). A perfect example is, McDonalds. It is not luxurious at all but yet it is still extremely popular and in almost every country (mostly developed countries and some developing countries). We all knew how frequently as children we personally would love McDonalds and we always heard the people around talking about it, you would see commercials about it, and you would even see it while watching your favorite TV show. INVESTMENT RATIONALE- I picked Netflix because the stock of this company constantly goes up. Netflix has recently make their monthly fee higher and that has made them more money within the last 6 months. FUTURE CHANGES (GROUP)- one thing I would definitely changefor sure, would be to be more careful when we pick a stock to invest in.
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