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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Munster High SchoolMr.FortnerNick Kotz Stock Portfolio SMG Infograph Company- Market Vectors Gold Miners ET Ticker Symbol- GDX double click to change this header text! Purchase Price- $20.61250 Shares TotalEnding Price $18.75Loss- $1.86 per share The reason for purchasing the GDX stock was because Gold was in thedecline, and was going to rise. The problem wasthat we bought the stock a couple weeks too soon which resulted in a loss. Rationale The strategy of our group was tobuy stocks that were familiar to us and were consideredbig name brand stocks. We decided to be safe in ourpurchases and with two of our stocks we bought the minimum amount of shares. Under the advice of my father we bought Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDX). Outsideof GDX we did not have a set plan for our future stock buying.We decided on Hershey seeing that on the time of purchase it wasabout a week before Halloween and we were expecting a rise in price.As we watched the Nike stock we noticed that it decreased greatly, andexpected it to rise soon after. Strategy Changes If we were to play the game again, we would make a lot of necessary changes in hopes of doing better.First off, we would buy at a higher price previously we went for low costing stocks but if we had a chanceto do it again we would buy higher, make a few more risks and invest in more companies not just the minimum. We would also more religiously study and enlighten ourselves about a stock before we bought and follow it more closely after being bought.
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