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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 SMART GOALS complete my workand hand it upon time To do 12 hours of homework a week To create a roster/diary for my schoolwork Improve my grades fromprevious years Be confident within myself I will be handing up my work on time. Teachers will be able to recognise my efforts. having a timer on whilst I am doing homework and adding all the times at the end of the week finding out all of my due datesand the assignments that we have to complete, and sticking to my schedule each night by my grades from when i get report and learning conversations. my work to be submitted and for teachers not to question me about my work. on top of my work, for example not falling behind have a schedule each day instead of not knowing what to do hand in quality work, and be putting in time to complete my assignments anxiety levels and how confident i feel with myself when going out i am the one in the mindset of not being happy with what i look like and with help i can change that I must stay focused, less stressed and happy. I allocate certain periods each night when i'm going to do my homework, what subject it is for and when it is due. motivated to my work, listen and not slack off during class able to go out places not feeling as if everyone is judging me and having to second how i look and to speak confidently A term Each week Each day Every assignment end of the year
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