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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 SIM Server 73% ANTRAX ANTRAX ANTRAX SIM server software is a SIM manager software designed to manage ANTRAX system It brings you highest level of control over your SIM boxes and GSM gateways and helps to minimize your operating expenses for system maintenance in total, lowering down SIM server price. SIM server anables gsm simserver to perform following functions: SIM balance auto refill, ability to navigate through the voice menu of DTMF-numbers automatically, receive automatic notice in case of zero balance and calls with zero duration, etc. skype:flamesgroupsia phone 371-67-333-777 SIM balance auto recharge: ANTRAX Sim-server makes the life of its user much easier,saving him from necessity of manual checks and recharges of SIM-cards involved in thetermination of calls The systemis able to generate USSD-request and on the basis of theresults, use codes from the scratch-cards, pre-registered in the system, to refill the SIMs. A distinctive feature of products for VoIP-termination, isthe generation of outgoing calls to GSM-network. One of the effective ways to implement the human behaviorsystem is to generate incoming calls by the Antrax equipment on the SIM-cards numbers from its own sim-array, thus destroying the stereotypes of fraud schemes and increasing the life-period of SIM cards. Incoming calls generation: SIM server is compatible with Cent Os 6.5 version
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