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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 73% 73% 73% 73% KIDS AND SOCIAL MEDIA by SILILO SCANLAN BENEFITS OF THE SOCIAL MEDIA BAD THINGS ABOUT THE SOCIAL MEDIA FACTS ABOUT KIDS AND SOCIAL MEDIA -staying connected with friends-making new contacts with people that have same interests-sharing your own personal art work and political views -expressing and evolving your individual identity. -cyber bullying is a risk of too much social media for kids- it should be monitored better.-kids can also have the tendency to share too much information to random people that can't be trusted, or someone can figure out how to hack into devices this way. -Kids depending on the situation, can be vulnerable to predatory adults which also falls under a cyber bullying. -Kids often like to share silly videos of things and later regret them. There is lots of exposure to commercial advertisements that can put bad images or ideas into younger children's minds. -Certain conflicts and things that young children may experience that can cause depression. Over five million facebook users are under the age of ten.What concerns us, is that kids spend most of their time on social media than interacting outside of their devices. This causes them to turn insecure when ever they're in a real life situation andthey forget about the important andmore interesting activities in life. theyalso become more emotional and confused about any sad or unfortunate events. Over the years, kids at too youngan age have learned to fully functiondevices but still don't know the alphabet.A good social media is being faceto face with someonein a situation where you really learnto interact with other human beings.
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