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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Rewarding You Fairly 1. 2. Key Principals 3 June Your Choices: Giving you Ownership of Your Benefits Competitive: We have designed a benefits offering that is competitive within the Legalindustry. Flexible: You will have ownership of your benefitsand you will be able to choose benefits to suit your lifestyle. You will have the autonomy to select your level of cover for various benefits. Individual: Our Focus We have invested in leading software and have engagedThomsons Online Benefits as our technology providers. From June you will be able to login and view your total reward statement, which will provide you with information on your full remuneration package. During the engagement survey last year, you told us that we needed to get better at recognisingyour achievements through both financial and non-financial means.The Rewarding You Fairly project has focused on this feedback and we now hope to provide you with information about what we are doing to ensure you are rewarded fairly for the role you perform. You will also be able to see what you can expect from us in the coming months. We are introducing a flexiblebenefits offering. This will allow you to choose your own benefitsto suit your lifestyle. You willbe able to increase or decreasethe cover of your curren benefitsand select new flexible benefits. The enrollment window will openin November this year and annually after that. When? The online benefits platformwill launch and you willbe able to view your Total Reward Statementonline. The flexible benefits enrollment windowwill open in November. You will have amonth to make your benefits selectionsthrough the online system. Nov '15
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