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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 8 tips to help your setting's website appear at the top of search pages Chelsea H.Junior, NYUAwesome at online marketing.Daily deals specialist.Analytical & Organized.Cupcake lover. The team set up a cupcake deal with the daily deals giant to get some new customers in the door! The results were impressive! deal in 48 hours! 80% redemption rate! 70% purchased more than required for the Groupon! 500 people pressed Tip 2: Let's Get Social! SOLD OUT we posted customerreviews dailyspecials just forfun recipeswe love Cupcakes go mobile! We set up an SMS and mobile web campaignin all print marketing to send deals and specialsstraight to customers! Over 100 Over 50% redeemed a mobile deal or special within the first two months customers opted in for text alerts A EI O U IT DONE. -owner, cupcake company Student my Fueled team " " SEO, known as Search Engine Optimisation, is the process you need to follow to make your setting's website appear as high as possible in the search results on the internet. Making your website easier for parents to find on the internet means they will become aware of your presence and aremore likely to choose you as their childcare provider. A search engine is a tool that allows you to find information on the internet. Good examples include Google and Yahoo! Tip 1: Create Quality Content Search engines look for good quality,well written content on your website pages. It also helps if you update your pages regularly. An easy way to do this would be to create a blog which you can use to keep parentsup-to-date with what their children are doing on a weekly basis. When it comes to SEO, having links to social media like Facebook is the key to strengthening the position of your website, as well as supporting your connection with parents. Tip 3: Reduce Load Time Many parents will not have the time or the patience to wait more than a few seconds for a website to load, so make sure thatyour site loads quickly. Search engines will rank your website much lower in the search results if it takes too long for visitors to access. Tip 4: Get Mobile Check your website is compatible with mobile phones and tablets, as this is becoming more important for SEO. Busy parents like to be able to access websites whilst on the go, however, you may need to consult a web design expert to make sure your site works on different devices. Tip 5: Use Key Words To help parents find your website, make sure you include key words. For example, if you are a nursery in London, think of the words a parent might type in to look for a childcarer. For example, "childcare in London" or London nursery. You will need to repeat key words several times on the pages of your website for the search engine to pick them up. If you have a dotcom website, such as, consider buying the rights to too and othersimilar sounding website names. That way, if parents type in the wrong nursery name, they will get redirected to your correct website. Tip 7: Make a Great Impression Have you tried to use your website whilst pretending to be a new parent? Visitor experience is very important to search engines, so your website should be easy to navigate around and not have any broken links or pageswhich don't work. Tip 8: Mix Text with Imagery Tip 6: Buy Domain Names Keep parents interested in your site by showcasing a mixture of text, videos and photos - rather than relying on writing alone. Video content is popular and will help the stickiness of your pages (how long a parent stays on your website for) This, in turn, will help strengthen your SEO! Follow these tips to become an SEO HeavyweightAND as a result....attract more parentsTo make your setting sustainable! What is SEO? What is a search engine? Why does it matter? If you would like a website built which matches the needs of your setting, contact our design team on 0844 504 5504 or email for information. FACT - 96% of households with children have access to the internet FACT - Websites bring in leads which represent on average over £50,000 if the child stays at your setting for five years. FACT - A website will advertise your setting 24 hours a day, all year long!
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