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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Worst mining accident in the United Kingdom LOST 1500 4 17 24 Explosion, occurred on 14 October 1913, killing 439 miners William Chidsey was a fireman in Mafeking District, who claimed that he was able to inspect 44 stalls in one hour twenty minutes. At the inquiry, Mr.Redmayne, had very serious suspicions about this statement[2]. There was an important explosion at the colliery about 12 years previous to the accident. Any straight cause for the explosion could not been determined[2]. After the explosion in 1901, the inspector stated that: That provisions should be made for the preventing the accumulation of coal dust and for the regular and efficient watering of the roads, roofs and sides in the main haulage and travelling ways in mines which are dry and dusty. [2] There were safety lambs in the mine, that the manager was under the impression that they were approved under the 1991 Act. The lamp had been approved but the lamps were fitted with an unapproved glass.[2] In the colliery, some arrangements had been made for reversing the air current as was required by the Coal Mines Act 1911, but the work had not been completed [2]. After the accident, the subsequent inquiry could not determine the origin of the explosion, however, it is highly believed that accident had been caused by a build up of firedamp (methane) gas being ignited. [2] The blast propagate coal dust on the mine floor, which was sparkled, spreading the destruction further.[2] CAUSES & PRE-CONDITIONS Senghenydd Colliery Disaster Nearly every household in Senghennydd town had someone. [1]Approximately, dependant were left without breadwinner. [1] charges against colliery manager, charges against the company had been established.The amount of charges given to mine owners and the manager was pounds. There was countrywide reaction, condemnation to the courts decision. References:1.,. 'Universal Colliery Senghenydd'. Web. 30 Nov. 2014.2. UK Mining Disasters 1911 - 13. The Coalmining History Research Centre. Web. 30 Nov. 2014. Coalmining Accidents And Deaths.
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